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Villa Reale Supreme
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For more than 30 years Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata has been producing a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition that is committed to producing high quality food preserves.

As their main aim is to respond effectively to the market's needs they have recently established a new factory with the most state of art machinery giving them increased productivity. Therefore with the innovation of modern food processing techniques brought together with true Sicilian tradition they are able to offer a product of optimum quality.

In order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality, all the main ingredients are processed with artisan methods directly after the harvest. Products that are' free from' in every sense.
“Artisan”outlines the traditional methodology employed by them when using only the freshest hand picked ingredients which are then efficiently processed and packaged by modern machinery or in the case of some recipes the ingredients are worked with by hand.

Located in the heart of Sicilian countryside, in an environment that can only be described as ‘pure’, far away from the smog, noise and interference brought about by a city, the harmonious fusion of nature, aroma and colour takes place. It is here that Villa Reale extracts ‘nature’ from all that is natural when creating its preserves.

In order to satisfy the needs of their valued customers Campo d’Oro has created a vast selection of specialised products nearly all of which are preserved in the companies own extra virgin olive oil.These products include ready-to-eat preserves, pasta sauces, patés and pestos, seafood, sweet spreads, jams and marmalades, honey, wine gelèe and extra virgin olive oil and much much more. Villa Reale, Villa Reale Supreme, Paolo Licata.

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Unicredit bank awarded the company Campo d’Oro with the prestigious ‘Premio Ok Italia Unicredit’award
Innovation, Aggregation & Exportation have all played a substantial role in motivational forces bringing Campo d’ Oro to be winners of this ‘Premio OK Italia Unicredit’
Production cycle
Campo d’Oro's production is focused on the use of the freshest ingredients
Quality Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS
our company is officially certified by DNV
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