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Unicredit bank awarded the company Campo d’Oro with the prestigious ‘Premio Ok Italia Unicredit’award
- 2011/09/01

Today in Bologne the general director of Unicredit bank Mr. Roberto Nicastro awarded the company Campo d’Oro with the prestigious ‘Premio Ok Italia Unicredit’award.

The company established towards the end of 1988 by the entrepreneurial inspiration of its founder Paolo Licata has gradually become a model company within the alimentary production of fine foodstuff with a sustained and ever increasing success and growth.

INNOVATION,AGGREGATION AND EXPORTATION – have all played a substantial role in motivational forces bringing Campo d’ Oro to be winners of this ‘Premio OK Italia Unicredit’.

To respond ever increasingly to the demands posed by the market place Campo d’Oro has reacted to their growth proactively establishing a New York based warehouse and continually developing their production site which has now been expanded and boasts of the most high tech innovative machinery in order to guarantee a product of sustainable quality. The very best of modern transformation walks hand in hand with the culinary traditions encompassed in Licata’s production.

Acquiring a reputation for excellence within its territory with a production of vegetable and seafood preserves  and specialities, Villa Reale  is now exporting to over 25 countries through-out the world. Infact it is for all these reasons that the company Campo d’Oro has been recognized  by Unicredit’ and been presented with such an important award which is reflective of both their innovative capacity and their contributions towards international markets which has gained them their much respected reputation that today they can be proud of.

On line Unicredit channel.


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