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Traditional Specialties

These TRADITIONAL SPECIALTIES are the most typical Sicilian recipes produced by the Licata family that aim to combine vegetable and seafood ingredients to create the most unique and fresh tasting preserves that are all in extra virgin olive oil.To be enjoyed all year round why not indulge in the original taste of our Sicilian Caponata or our Stuffed Hot Peppers with Swordfish.

Typical Preserves

These classical Sicilian preserves are practical, inventive and ideal to be used according to your own fantasy in seconds. Our healthy Italian Antipasto 'delight' should be enjoyed as a side dish for meat or fish.Where as our succulent artichoke hearts are a great addition to any salad.


The heart of Campo d’Oro's production is its fine array of 23 vegetable and seafood based Patés.These spreadable  patés are as versatile as they are delicious. Excellent used for bruschetta, smoothed onto warm bread or as an indulgent buffet dip. They are also a simple but tasty addition to pasta and rice dishes.Transform vegetarian vegetables with our 'Hot paté' or marinate your chicken skewers with our 'Pepper and Almond Paté'.



Our Seafood selection uses typical products from the Mediterranean tradition, processed from fresh ingredients and without the addition of any artificial chemicals or additives. They are ideal to prepare main dishes, for fancy salads and antipasti. Bringing the taste and scent of Mediterranean Sea to your table.